We are pleased to announce we will be showing, images from the series Memento Vivere 2019, by Molly McCall, during our international group exhibition at the Light House Media Centre 6-30 January 2020. 

Molly McCall, USA, from the series Memento Vivere 2019
Sweet Grass; Velvet Daydream; Déjà Vu; Fox Boy Fox; Bluebird Amulet; I Wonder, 2019
Six digital C-type prints on Kodak Endura paper
5 prints 35.56 cm (14×14 inches) frames 50.8×50.8cm (20×20 inches) 1 print 27.82×40.64cm) (10.95×16 inches) frame 38.1×50.8cm (15×20 inches)
£423.00 each

My recent work expands on ongoing investigation of the interaction of memory, the passage of time, and of identity. I am keenly interested in how memory forms our sense of being and how that can be affected by the contradictions that the past and present pose. In the act of remembering, there is a point where reality and the interpretation of reality cross, and it’s that intersection that I wish to explore.
My images are created in the darkroom. After printing, the images are toned with coffee, then painted with oil and acrylic paint. My work explores memories with emotional layers embedded in the narratives. I then re-photograph the final image to create a distance and render them into a tangible object for remembrance.

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from the series Memento Vivere 2019: Sweet Grass; Velvet Daydream; Déjà Vu; Fox Boy Fox; Bluebird Amulet; I Wonder, 2019, copyright Molly McCall. All rights reserved.

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