We are pleased to announce we will be showing, Happiness is so close, July 2018, by Mélanie Patris, during our international group exhibition at the Light House Media Centre 6-30 January 2020. 

Mélanie Patris, Belgium, Happiness is so close, 1 to 6, July 2018
Six prints on Canson Etching Rag
editions of 5, signed
prints 50x50cm (19.685×19.685 inches) frames 50.8×50.8cm (20×20 inches)
£393.00 each

Mélanie Patris. Born 1977; Belgium; living in Brussels. Travelling to explore some new spaces which will enlarge my conscience of the world and my inner space. A self-taught photographer, I try to show, in both the interior and the geographical territories, how the wilderness can be seen as an inner power in relation to its inner strength; it guides us, gives us intuition and allows us to go further in our lives.

My body of work broadly questions the theme of intimacy. I treat it with the exploration of the psychic and the geographic, via the different territories of life. Treating daily life from a poetic view, transforms it into an imaginary new landscape.

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Happiness is so close, 1 to 6, July 2018, copyright Mélanie Patris. All rights reserved.

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