We are pleased to announce we will be showing, Poppy Heads and Physalis, 2019 by Ky Lewis, during our international group exhibition at the Light House Media Centre 6-30 January 2020. 

Ky Lewis, Poppy Heads and Physalis, 2019
Two Hahnemühle archival pigment prints
edition 1 of 25
signed and edition verso
prints 35x25cm (13.78×9.84 inches) frames 50.8×38.1cm (20×15 inches)
£205.00 each

Ky Lewis, based in London, works predominantly in photographic media, slow photography and alternative processes using camera-less and pinhole as the core of her practice.

Cycles of life, death and decay form the key areas of interest, and working in a site responsive way she ‘documents’ both flora and fauna and her surroundings.

Projects are landscape, ecology and environment based; she enjoys teaching workshops in unusual places; sharing knowledge with both children and adults.

Ky Lewis is an artist using light and chemicals as the core of her practice with an interest in site specific responses and cycles of life. The Ephemera Botanica series is a photographic interpretative and emotional response to the environment I work in at my allotment.

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Poppy Heads and Physalis, 2019 copyright Ky Lewis. All rights reserved.

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