We are pleased to announce we will be showing, Bird Head, 2018 and Falling, 2019 by Jo Stapleton, during our international group exhibition at the Light House Media Centre 6-30 January 2020. 

Jo Stapleton, UK, Bird Head, 2018 and Falling, 2019
Bird Head: Fomatone MG classic fibre based (mat) Lith print 33x28cm (13×11.02 inches) frame 50.8×38.1cm (20×15 inches)
Falling: digital C type print on Kodak Endura paper 35.56×27.94cm (14×11 inches); frame 50.8×38.1cm (20×15 inches)
£260.00 each

Jo is a Hertfordshire based film and darkroom photographer with an interest in alternative processes and techniques. Her photographic practice focuses upon constructed realities photography, influenced by the visual style of film noir. Jo has most recently exhibited at Art at the Alison Richards Building (Shutterhub at Cambridge University, April 2019) and as part of the Royal Photographic Societies 100Heroines hub (May 2019). Jo is a 2018 grant recipient of the Richard and Siobhan Coward Photography Foundation.

‘Bird Head’ is a collaboration with an unknown studio photographer, the original glass plate negative (circa 1901) photographed using slow speed ADOX Silvermax 35mm film, on a light box with own object (a model bird) added, to produce a new negative and subsequently Lith printed as a reversal negative image.

‘Falling’ (Lith print, ADOX Silvermax 35mm) is part of a current experimental photographic project ‘found objects’ – which brings together in the darkroom Letraset stencils, small models and objects with my own film photography and alternative process practice. I’m particularly interested in how combing these elements together as part of darkroom experimentation creates meaning.

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Bird Head, 2018 and Falling, 2019 copyright Jo Stapleton. All rights reserved.Jo Stapleton1 (1)

To read more about each artist please visit our What’s On page. To read more about the exhibition and to view individual images for sale, please visit our exhibition page. Click on the link to download our RPF2019 Beauty in Imperfection downloadable pamphlet and view our festival programme on issuu.

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