We are pleased to announce we will be showing, Vandyke I and II, 2017, by Chris Byrnes, during our international group exhibition at the Light House Media Centre 6-30 January 2020. 

Chris Byrnes, Australia, Experimental Vandyke I and II, 2017
Vandyke I*: Vandyke print using original pinhole photograph 1 only signed and dated verso 40.5×30.5cm (15.94×12.00 inches) frame 50.8×38.1cm (20×15 inches)
Vandyke II: Vandyke print on printmaking drawing pad sheet (wire bound) using original pinhole photograph 1 of 2 signed and dated verso, 38x28cm (14.96×11.02 inches) frame 50.8×38.1cm (20×15 inches)
£252.00 each

Chris Byrnes was born in Newcastle Australia into a large family of seven children. Her mother instilled a love of reading and both joy and necessity of making things. In the early years the radio was entertainment encouraging listening and imagining a story. While balancing family, work and art life, Chris completed a Bachelor of Fine Art Honours, 2010 and a Master of Fine Art in 2017. Chris works from her home base in Newcastle.

Master Fine Art entitled Circles of Light: An Investigation of the Photographic Medium and a Chance Encounter. Utilising new and expired photographic alchemy to investigate the chance, random or accidental glitch event. My research and artistic production focuses on a primal, handmade, low-technology photographic experience.

*Vandyke I is an experimental chemical mix expired Vandyke, hence the blue-grey and brown tones on a printmaking paper.

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Vandyke I and II, 2017 copyright Chris Byrnes. All rights reserved.

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