We are pleased to announce we will be showing Flowers, 2018, by Anastasia Vovk, during our international group exhibition at the Light House Media Centre 6-30 January 2020. 

Anastasia Vovk, Russia, Flowers 1, 2018
Experimental cyanotype print
print 45x30cm (17.72×11.81 inches) frame 50.8×38.1cm (20×15 inches)£95.00

I was born in 1990, in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Photography became serious for me in 2015, when I entered the advanced course at the Fotografika Academy, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

My diploma project included old alternative photography processes such as cyanotype and gum bichromate printing. I started to experiment with them and it became clear that it is absolutely the art language I’ve been searching for all this time: sensitive, atmospheric and fragile.

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Flowers 1, 2018 copyright Anastasia Vovk. All rights reserved.

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