We are pleased to announce, Aberrance #3, 2017, by photographer Jack Yong, will be exhibited at the John Lewis Community Hub, Grand Central, Birmingham, 31 May – 26 June 2018.

Aberrance #3 questions man’s fantasy in using modern technology to replicate the landscape. With infrared photography theory in mind, this digitally altered forest exudes the conceivable alteration of the phenotype as a metaphoric rendition to the susceptible artificiality of the forest.

Jack Yong’s photographs traverse among the disparate environments, fragmented nature and the duality of nature – culture dichotomy. Based in Malaysia, Jack explores the contrasts and contradictions of the delicate balance within urban life and expands the wonder of both natural and constructed elements in contemporary environment as a central focus in his artistic endeavours. He documents this permanent quest of transcendence as deviant documentary observations where the apparent objectivity interweaves with semantic ambiguity.

Join us at the John Lewis Community Hub, Grand Central, Birmingham, from 31 May to 26 June, to view our exhibition, Reclaiming Our Future. 

View more of Jack’s photography at cargocollective.com/jackyong

Image copyright Jack Yong. All rights reserved.

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