Reclaim Photography Festival is delighted to show a selection of prints from this year’s third international photography festival Reclaiming Our Future, hosted by the Gunmakers’ Arms, in Birmingham’s historic Gun Quarter.

This special framed pop up display consists of a range of images submitted by regional photographers, who have captured the people, places and industries, past and present, of Birmingham and the Black Country region, celebrating three successful festivals.

We will also be exhibiting framed prints from our recent exhibition at the John Lewis Community Hub, and selling a calendar from this exhibition to raise funds for our community projects with children and young people and our festival running costs. Visit the John Lewis Community Hub exhibition page to order your calendar.

Join us from 12pm, Thursday 6 September, to Sunday 16 September, to view the work on display. Click on the links for more details.

Click on the video to view some of the work on display. Photographers:

Aaron Cole, Adam Stephenson, AJ Saker, Andrew Crawford, Ashley Carr, Ben Williams, Bradley Pearce, Chris Fletcher, Clare Smith, Denise Wilson, Elizabeth Lee, Elizabeth Thornhill, Emily Sharp, Graham Stubbs, Greg Vivash, Hanny Foxhall, James Benwell, Jay Mason Burns, John Fallon, Justas Katinas, Kathryn Sawbridge, Ken Harrison, Lily Wales, Linda Nevill, Mike Cassell, Mohammed Bukhari, Nicholas Priest, Nik Redhead, Nik Taylor, Paul Biddle, Pete Davies, Peter Griffiths, Peter Hodgson, Phil Loach, Richard PJ Lambert, Ryan Edmonds, Shariffah Gilling, Simon McCreery, Stuart Hyde, Thomas Lowrey, Tom Griffiths and Zara Walker.

Reclaim Photography Festival is a community arts project which offers an annual programme of collaborations, events and exhibitions, aimed at promoting the best in art photography, through inclusive projects free of cost. We encourage participation from young people and those most disadvantaged. We are committed to encouraging participation and to providing professional, volunteer and work experience opportunities, and to developing partnerships with community and student groups. We continue to show artwork from regional, UK and international photographers and exhibit these across regional public spaces and galleries. Please contact us at to find out how you can participate and support our future festivals. Images © Ashley Carr, 2018 and Hanny Foxhall, 2018. All rights reserved.

LR © Ashley Carr Birmingham 2018. All rights reserved.  LR Birmingham-Hanny-Foxhall_DSC1961

Two Towers Brewery is Birmingham’s longest established brewery (founded in 2010) brewing fine real ales in a true English tradition, available in both cask and bottled formats. Our ales reflect the rich heritage, famous people and places that Birmingham has to offer. The range includes beers such as ‘Bhacker Ackhams’, ‘Jewellery Porter’ and ‘Hockley Gold’.

The brewery is located on Shadwell Street, on the edge of the city centre and in the heart of Birmingham’s famous Gun Quarter. We operate over the two floors of the Victorian building and so utilise gravity in a split level brewery process. It is located just behind our tap house, the Gunmakers Arms, and can be accessed via the pubs courtyard. The brewery can also be seen through a large viewing window we have installed in the brewery wall. It has a great, quirky space which is available for events.

We have regular brewery tours during which we cover the brewing process and explain the background of the brewery and our ales. On our tour our visitors get the equivalent of four half’s of ale, meaning you can literally get a ‘true flavour’ of what we do here. Details of the tours can be found on our website.

The Gunmakers Arms, our tap house is a Regency/Late Regency Grade II listed building which we have tastefully renovated. You can always find our ales on the bar which also serves hearty pub food utilising our ales as an ingredient. The pub hosts regular historical talks, comedy nights, spoken word events and music nights. Please check the website for more details.

You can find out more information at our websites or you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Image copyright Gunmakers Arms and Two Towers Brewery. All rights reserved.

LR © Darren Campbell Gunmakers Arms 14.05.2018. All rights reserved.

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