We are pleased to announce, There Are No Launderettes in Space, No 5, 2017, by photographer, David Barrett, will be exhibited at the John Lewis Community Hub, Grand Central, Birmingham, 31 May – 26 June 2018.

These pictures were found deep inside my subconscious and reflect imagined 1960’s childhood memories, aspirations and fears!

When I was five years old I wanted to be an astronaut and hoped that the aliens I encountered would be friendly; this was the era of Telstar, moon landings and optimism.

I thought I would grow up in a brighter better new world; childhood optimism?

When I look around me now I see a fractured decaying society and a breakdown of community values; whatever happened to our future?

Did we buy washing machines when we should have been building launderettes?

David is a formally educated photographer who has in the past followed a commercial photography career path. He now shoots the social landscape of England and enjoys full creative control of his self-initiated projects.

David has a passion for Street Photography and embraces the challenge of relying on nothing more than “the favourable conspiracies of serendipitous elements “!

Join us at the John Lewis Community Hub, Grand Central, Birmingham, from 31 May to 26 June, to view our exhibition, Reclaiming Our Future. 

View more of David’s photography at www.ukstreet.photography

Image copyright David Barrett. All rights reserved.

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