We are pleased to announce ‘002 Someday House’, 2016, by artist, Meral Güler, will be exhibited at The Light House Media Centre 6-27 October 2017.

‘Someday House’ is a series based upon the poem ‘East Coker’  by T.S. Eliot. These works linger between the twilight and the shadow, between what is known and is sensed. It is a narrative that pervades the human condition, in an attempt to portray a spirit of resilience, a redeeming irony.

Meral Güler is a British artist based in Los Angeles. She received her Masters in Fine Art from Ual, London. Her films have been shown at the National Film Theatre and Art-houses in the UK and Europe. Her photo works have been exhibited worldwide. She is the recipient of the Swedish Landskrona Foto Festival Book Dummy Award for her book collaboration.

View more of Meral’s photography at meralguler.com

Image copyright Meral Güler. All rights reserved.

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