We are pleased to announce ‘We live by tha’ water’, 2016, by photographer Joanne Coates, will be exhibited at The Light House Media Centre 6-27 October 2017.

Stories reveal the mysteries in our world; the things that have not and perhaps never will be discovered.

As the Orcadian writer George McKay Brown wrote: “The imagination is not an escape, but a return to the richness of our true selves, a return to reality.”

Joanne Coates was born and raised in a rural area of Northern England. Coates is a storyteller. Her interest lies more with a visual prose, an appreciation of rurality, and using connection to place as a practice in itself. Coates identifies with the marginalised, the edges. She has a democratic and poetic approach to what can be termed as the medium of “photography”. Inspired by everyday stories, landscape experiences and Northern Realism.
View more of Joanne’s photography at www.joannecoates.co.uk
Image copyright Joanne Coates. All rights reserved.
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