We are pleased to announce ‘Chairs, Newport, Isle of Wight’, 2015, by photographer, Derek Man, will be exhibited at The Light House Media Centre 6-27 October 2017.

Part of a series exploring the Isle of Wight and its historical role as a site of reproduction of British cultural hegemony. Through exploring the myths surrounding an older kind of Britishness, I hope to find a sense of place in my adopted country as a response to my own displacement from Hong Kong, a former British colony.

Derek Man is a photographer based in London. Born and raised in Hong Kong, he moved to the UK alone at the age of 17 and became a naturalised citizen in 2016. His work explores the sense of cultural identity, especially in his native Hong Kong, and his adopted country.

View more of Derek’s photography atĀ derekman.com

Image copyright Derek Man. All rights reserved.

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