We are pleased to announce ‘Streets of My City, 2014’, by photographer and graphic designer, Barbara Gibson, will be exhibited at The Light House Media Centre 6-27 October 2017.

The photograph included in this project brings a tangible proof of existence of all beautiful places hidden under skyscrapers. My aim is to let people interpret their view of the city once again and to have another look – inspire them with the vibrant spirit of the beautiful heritage of Birmingham.

Barbara Gibson began as a photographer, with a concentration in Urban Photography but over the years, she has invested a great deal of time to developing new techniques and practices that she could then apply to photographs.

Her expressive, intimate, and personal art has gained a great deal of recognition in Birmingham. Very much inspired by geometry and the intricate patterns, Barbara mixes medias and constantly develops her portfolio, keeping her audience wowed and surprised.

View more of Barbara‘s work at www.barbaragibson.pl

Image copyright Barbara Gibson. All rights reserved.

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