We are pleased to announce ‘Panther Crew’, 2017, by photographer, Andrew Crawford, will be exhibited at The Light House Media Centre 6-27 October 2017.

I felt the cultural landscape theme required imagery which repre- sented a true snapshot of the here and now in 2017. It would be hard not to notice the proliferation of tattoo studios across our towns and cities. I wanted to capture the artistry and skill involved in this prevalent trend.

I’m an amateur photographer who is convinced that my head is wired towards the visual. I’ve long admired photography’s ability to produce memorable, striking and evocative images. Although creating my own photography is a more recent phenomenon for me, it’s certainly a logical and welcome extension of my love of the visual.

Technical information: Fujifilm XT2, 18mm focal length, ISO 1000, 1/80th second, f/3.2 without flash.

View more of Andrew’s photography at www.crawfoto.co.uk

Image copyright Andrew Crawford. All rights reserved.

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