RPF ONLINE: self-portrait

Submission deadline: 17:00 (UK time) Sunday 31 January 2021

Submissions are now being invited for our first online exhibition RPF Online: self-portrait 2021.

The Festival returns online from April to October 2021. The programme will include responses to our open call: RPF Online: self portrait.

We will also be offering an opportunity for photographers to participate in an additional project, to be included in our five-year celebration of the Festival and our online retrospective. Further details to be announced soon.

Our curators will select a range of images to form a unique online exhibition. We will contact these participants separately within twelve weeks of the closing date for further details about submission and exhibition. Funds raised from the exhibition will support the photographers and future festivals.

RPF Online: self-portrait

Our fascination with the self-portrait has an enduring history. Since the time of the Renaissance, they have provided a way for artists to represent themselves and their place in the world.

Artists have used self-portraiture to reveal their sense of self, as viewed through the lens of the world around them; real or imagined.

The aim of our first online RPF exhibition is to provide photographic and mixed media artists the opportunity to:

  • present their self-portraits through use of single or multiple images (maximum 6 images);
  • investigate their portrait, environment or objects that represents a concrete, symbolic or abstract self-portrait;
  • use a range of techniques and visual clues to reveal something about their identity, existence, personality or beliefs.
  • What would you like to reveal about yourself?
  • How would you like to be seen; as yourself or how you would like others to see you?

Key words: self-portrait representation artist history identity personality emotions existence mortality beliefs introspective tangible external investigation symbolism surrealism realism imaginary abstract conceptual object environment technique lighting exposure

Example artists/ photographers: Albrecht Durer, Andy Warhol, Cindy Sherman, Claude Cahun, Deana Lawson, Francesca Woodman, Florence Henri, Frida Kahlo, Gillian Wearing, Jo Spence, Leonardo da Vinci, Lucien Freud, Man Ray, Pablo Picasso, Rembrandt van Rijn, Richard Avedon, Robert Mapplethorpe, Robert Cornelius, Salvador Dali, Trish Morrissey, Vincent Van Gogh, Vivian Maier…

Participants are encouraged to respond to this theme through the use of analogue and cameraless photography (including historical and alternative processes) or digital photography (including photo painting, photo-montage and digital printing skills).

Please carefully read the rules and application form before submitting your application.
By completing this application form, you have confirmed that you have noted all information for submission, events, exhibitions and project evaluation (subject to change) and read and understood the rules fully.

  • In the message box please include:
  • the type of camera, process and technique used to create your image(s);
  • the type of print/ media (if chosen for exhibition);
  • your web url and social media address(es)/ handle(s);
  • a short statement (maximum 60 words) about your image(s), project or self-portrait;
  • title each image by: name, age, title, number and year taken.jpg     e.g. JohnDoe-21-Dorset-1-2016.jpg;
  • state if the image is part of a series or not and include the title of the series.
  • Check you have entered all the photographs you want to enter in Reclaim Photography Festival 2021. Although you can enter up to 6 photographs to the festival, all images have to be entered as part of the same application.
  • Entered no more than 6 low resolution images 1500 longest edge, 72 dpi/ppi.
  • Digital images with borders and watermarks not accepted;
  • photographs can be landscape, portrait or square format. Diptychs are counted as 2 images. Triptychs are counted as 3 images.
  • All entries must be received by 17:00 (UK time) Sunday 31 January 2021.
  • Successful entrants will be notified of festival exhibition via email within twelve weeks of submission deadline.

You will not be allowed to enter further photographs after you have completed your entry form, even if you have entered fewer than 6 images.

For portrait photography or images of private or iconic buildings (when the building/land owners require specific permission) please complete the appropriate model/ building release forms. Visit for further details or download the form attached. Selected festival prints will not be accepted without these. Downloadable release forms: Model and buildings release forms For submission of archival images, proof of permission is required by the copyright owner. Please complete a model release form, as proof.

How to upload your images:

  1. To zip each file: place each file on your desk top, right click each file, click on: send to, followed by compressed (zipped folder) for PCs, or right click, click on: compress for MACs.
  2. Please ensure you upload each zipped file separately.
  3. To upload your first image file, click on the red upload button.
  4. Once uploaded,  you will see a green line appear with your image title and an X . If you are not able to see these, your file has not yet uploaded.
  5. Repeat this process to upload each image.
  6. If you send your images in one zipped file the folder will appear blank and we will not be able to accept your submission.
  7. Remember to tick you have agreed the rules and submit your entry.
  8. A cog will turn until the submission has successfully uploaded.
  9. When the cog stops, there will be a slight delay before you receive a thank you confirmation on screen.
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