Reclaiming Our Cultural Landscapes

© David Waldron Cyrille Regis MBE RPF 2016
@ Fabio Sgroi Bulgaria RPF 2016
© Atsushi Fujiwara Butterfly Had a Dream RPF 2016
© Atsushi Fujiwara Butterfly Had a Dream RPF 2016
© Stalter György Város A Városban-Town in the City RPF 2016
© Stalter György Város A Városban-Town in the City RPF 2016
© Stalter György Város A Városban-Town in the City RPF 2016
© Horváth M. Judit Más Világ-Other World 1994 RPF 2016
© Horváth M. Judit Más Világ-Other World 1994 RPF 2016
© Horváth M. Judit Más Világ-Other World 1994 RPF 2016
© Stalter György Más Világ-Other World 1990 RPF 2016
© Thierry Clech Tokyo RPF 2016
© Thierry Clech Tokyo RPF 2016 
© Thierry Clech Tokyo RPF 2016
© Thierry Clech Tokyo RPF 2016
© Tanya Ahmed 2nd Ave at East 72nd St NYC - Gone RFP 2016
© Tanya Ahmed East 125th Street RFP 2016
© Tanya Ahmed TheBronx NY RFP 2016
© Tanya Ahmed Upper East Side Garages NYC RPF 2016

Welcome to Reclaim Photography Festival 2017. The Festival programme includes responses to our open call: Reclaiming Our Cultural Landscapes, through our one-day event across eight regional venues in print, digital and projected image format on Saturday 6 May 2017. The Festival is also offering photography workshops, gallery exhibitions and professional opportunities for young people and emerging artists.

Reclaiming Our Cultural Landscapes
Cultural landscapes are an important part of our past, present and future. They help to provide us with a deeper understanding of the world. The images that form this year’s Festival represent landscapes which have been influenced or shaped by human involvement, whether through cultural events or by individual personalities. In reclaiming our understanding of our cultural landscapes, these images explore our sense of self, our evolving relationship with our communities, and the continuity of our communal heritage.

Participants were encouraged to respond to this theme through the use of archive material, analogue, digital and mobile photography. We received over a 1000 images from 56 UK towns and cities and 36 countries world-wide  incorporating both traditional and contemporary approaches in the form of:

* portraiture;
* landscape photography – coastal, rural or urban;
* still-life photography – objects or the natural world;
* documentary photography;
* photo journalism;
* and experimental imagery.

Festival Adjudicator, British artist, Richard Billingham and our team of Festival curators selected 30 images chosen from both international and UK photographers, to form a travelling gallery exhibition from 6 May – 7 June 2017. View our exhibition gallery page here.

Prints from the one day event and travelling gallery exhibition will be auctioned to raise funds for regional charity St Basils, who work with young people age 16-25, to prevent youth homelessness. View our exhibition brochure here published on ISSU. View our exhibition gallery page and to bid online in advance of the auction  here. Online bidding closes at 3pm, Friday 7 July 2017. This private auction is not for profit and is not publicly funded. You must be over 18 years or over to bid on the auction. Find out more about St Basils here.

Printing services are sponsored by Palm Laboratories, Birmingham. For more details about our partners, sponsors, supporters and venues please view the links at the bottom of this page.

Our Awards

Reclaim Photography Festival is proud to announce British artist Richard Billingham as Festival Adjudicator for RPF17: Reclaiming Our Cultural Landscapes.

Our team of Festival curators worked with Richard to select thirty prints for our touring gallery exhibition hosted by Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery 6-21 May 2017 and Wolverhampton Art Gallery 23 May – 7 June 2017.

Awards for our gallery exhibitors include:

*exhibition alongside internationally renowned photographers;
*exhibition exposure in two main city galleries;
*inclusion in exhibition marketing and promotion campaign;
*inclusion in BLUR Magazine*.

Reclaim Photography Festival  invited experts within the field of photography to assist with individual award selection. Our RPF17 jurors will offer awards to at least three gallery exhibitors, including our ‘Volunteers Favourite’.

Our Sponsors

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners, sponsors, supporters and venues, for their help with this year’s events, exhibitions and workshops, and Reclaim Photography members for inviting us to host this second UK international Reclaim Photography Festival.

St Basils Charity 

This year we will be raising funds for St Basils charity.

St Basils works with young people aged 16-25 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, helping over 4000 young people per year across the West Midlands region with specific services in Birmingham, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall, Worcestershire, the Wyre Forest and Coventry.

Every year over 1200 young people are housed in our 29 supported accommodation schemes, which for some young people includes their young children as well. We have a range of prevention, accommodation and support services to help young people regain the stability they need to rebuild their lives, gain skills, training and employment and move on.

The aim is to help them successfully break the cycle of homelessness so that they can go on to experience a bright, fulfilling future and never return to a state where they are at risk of homelessness again. To find out more about St Basils visit  If you would like to find out more about fundraising opportunities and to support St Basils further visit Follow us on Twitter  Like us on Facebook Follow us on Flicker