We are pleased to share details of the new photobook by Yasuhiro Ogawa. Please read, for more details about his career and how to purchase.

My new book The Dreaming contains 86 black and white images selected from my 27-year career in photography and travelling.

When I turned 50 last year, I decided to go through all the black & white negatives I had taken so far.

Every moment of the journeys may have been vision of dreams – that’s what I thought when I tracked down my archive and such a thought gave me a hint to make this book.

The book is available from www.photobookstore.co.uk online in the UK.

You can also find details on my website www.ogawayasuhiro.com

Images  ©  Yasuhiro Ogawa. All rights reserved.

The Dreaming 01    TheDreaming 02  TheDreaming 03

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