We are pleased to share details of, Private Collection, by M. Judit Horváth exhibited at Art Photo Galéria, Budapest until 29 June 2018.

“The unity of life and death is the same for all living things, but only human memory can preserve it. It may become perpetual, with time and an end to destruction. ” Horváth M. Judit


M. Judit Horváth was born in an assimilated gypsy family in a small town in Western Hungary. She became acquainted with photography by her husband, also a photographer.

For several years she was not aware of her family roots but after recognition she was the chief editor of a gypsy periodical for many years. With her husband, she has made photographs of almost all of the gypsy settlements in Hungary and the slums of Budapest.

Simulacrum, her recent photo album is a collection taken over ten years. This album – albeit significantly different from her previous documentary photographs – still bears numerous similarities.


Judit describes the collection as follows:

“My family root, my spirit, and last but not at least, my gender, eventuates that Reality, and Tales strongly interweave, the narrow path in between, which is easy to cross. I can easily step from one to another. My pictures reflect this uncertainty of the dual state of existence.


Magic, the ability to change reality, starts with gathering different objects all around. I live with them for years and a strange chemistry develops between me and these things that start to matter. Suddenly and uncontrolled, a picture appears in my mind that I must register through the means of photography.


These pictures reflect a mixture of my own experiences and the imaginary life of these objects, excluding real life and building an alternative reality, I open a gateway and panorama to my imaginary world and a path of empathy with something different. I create a possibility to discover the unknown, an insight to my own peculiarly created world. I hope my photographs provoke emotional associations, surprise and recognition, or contradiction to my audience.”


The photo album of Private Collection is available at the Art Photo Galéria, 1111 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 30. Also, in their on-line gallery www.artphoto.hu Source: www.stalter-asa.hu/fotoalbumok/csaloka-latszat


M. Judit Horváth

1952 Born in Sárvár, Hungary
1969–81 Works as a childcare worker
1985 Starts her professional photography career as a freelancer at different magazines
1990–95 Photo editor and photo reporter at Amaro Drom, a roma periodical and chief editor for 3 years
1994 Press photo – Photo Essay Award
1998 Other World (Más világ) joint photo album with her husband, György Stalter of the life of Hungarian gypsies
2002 Establishment of Kópia Photo Gallery, host of different photo exhibitions
2010 Simulacrum (Csalóka látszat) photo album, private edition with the support of the Hungarian Cultural Foundation (NKA)

Individual Exhibitions:
1998 Other World (Más világ) – Mediawave, Győr
1999 Other World (Más világ) – Vígadó Galéria, Budapest
2000 Other World (Más világ) – Kaunas, Lithuania, Wien, Helsinki
2007 Other World (Más világ) – Bielsko Biala, Poland
2009 Simulacrum – Mai Manó House, Budapest

Joint Exhibitions:
1993 “The World is a Ladder…” – Museum of Ethnography, Budapest
1994 Press Photo Museum of Ethnography, Budapest
1999 Sarah Mortland Gallery and Hungarian Consulate New York, USA
2001 Regards Hongrois – Párizs, Franciaország
2006 Selected pictures – Budapest Gallery, Budapest
2006 Dog Life – Mai Manó Gallery, Budapest
2007 Other World – San Sperate Sardinia
2008 Now We Show! – Collegium Hungaricum, Wien
2008 Die Vergessenen Europaer – Köln Stadt Museum

Member of the Association of Hungarian Press Photographers (Magyar Újságírók Szövetsége) and the Association of Hungarian Photo Artists (Magyar Fotóművészek Szövetsége), free-lance photographer.



For more information visit: www.artphoto.hu/en/photographer/horvath-m-judit

To view more of Judit’s work visit: staltergyorgy.hu/horvath

To view the online exhibition with Lens Culture visit: www.lensculture.com/jmhorvath

Images copyright M. Judit Horváth. All rights reserved.

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