We are pleased to share details of three photo books By the Sea, Cascade and Shimagatari by photographer Yasuhiro Ogawa.

By the Sea

The booklet By the Sea is a collection of landscape photos along the Sea of Japan. I made several trips to the region in winter. Weather is harsh there but such weather makes the color of the Sea of Japan’s coastal landscape deeply beautiful.

17 pages including 13 color photos. 36.8cm x 29.6cm. Soft cover, printed in 2018. Price: 1,500 Japanese yen + shipping fee 690 yen. Total: 2,190 yen or £16.80 at time of publication.

View the film introduction here:


Shimagatari is a book showing the photos of the remote islands of Japan. There are about 300 inhabited islands in Japan but most of them are facing severe depopulation, thanks to the young people who left the islands for seeking better jobs. I’ve visited the islands for almost a decade and tried to capture the “unseen memories” of those who were once there.

90 pages including 67 B&W photos, 21.7cm x 30.2cm. Hard cover, printed in 2014. Price : 4,104 yen+ shipping fee 1,500 yen. Total: 5,604 yen or £ 42.94 at time of publication.

View a slideshow of the book here:


Cascade is a book about the memory of my mother. Following my mother’s death I was in the apartment where she had lived, I sorted through her belongings and came across an old confectioners’ box full of 8mm home movie reels at the back of a closet. I watched them for the first time in three decades and that experience triggered vivid memories of my mother and my childhood days. Staring the battered images projecting on the wall, I thought to reminisce about my mother in the form of this book.

114 pages including 108 color photos, 22.8cm x 19.2cm. Hard cover, printed in 2017. Price : 4,104 yen + shipping fee 1,140 yen. Total: 5,244 yen or £ 40.18 at the time of publication.

View the film introduction here:

To purchase a copy of Shimagatari and Cascade please visit: www.shashasha.co 

Alternatively, please contact Yasuhiro Ogawa direct at yasuhiropics@gmail.com to purchase these publications and to purchase By the Sea (at the prices listed in the text & payable via PayPal + shipping by regular mail from Japan to the UK).

All images © Yasuhiro Ogawa. All rights reserved.













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