We are pleased to announce, Mélanie Patris’ series “Get into the Forest” will be shown at Salon YIA Art Fair (Young International Artist Art Fair) in Paris from Friday 24 to Monday 28 October 2019.

Salon YIA Art Fair (Young International Artist Art Fair)

Rivoli Building (Rue de Rivoli – 75 001 Paris, France.)

To view more of Mélanie’s projects please visit www.melaniepatris.com

For more information about the Art Fair please visit yia-artfair.com/editions-2019-paris

Mélanie Patris. Born 1977; Belgium; living in Brussels. Travelling to explore some new spaces which will enlarge my conscience of the world and my inner space. A self-taught photographer, I try to show, in both the interior and the geographical territories, how the wilderness can be seen as an inner power in relation to its inner strength; it guides us, gives us intuition and allows us to go further in our lives.

My body of work broadly questions the theme of intimacy. I treat it with the exploration of the psychic and the geographic, via the different territories of life. Treating daily life from a poetic view, transforms it into an imaginary new landscape. Image Get into the Forest 3 © Mélanie Patris. All rights reserved.

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