We are pleased to share details of a special edition photobook of Maria, which includes a print, vintage bag, cyanotype and poster, by Lesia Maruschak.

Lesia Maruschak

Photographs: Lesia Maruschak

Publisher: Red Zet LLC

80+ 16 pages

Year: 2019

ISBN: 978-966-97673-2-5

Price: 450 USD

25 copies.  Signed and numbered by the artist.

Comments: The book is presented in a vintage Soviet soldier’s field bag containing the award-winning MARIA book.  Essays written by leading academics, including Alison Nordström shed light on the artist’s contribution to contemporary photography.  The special edition comes with a unique cyanotype over-painted by the artist with egg tempera; finished by hand waxing.

The event is the 1932-33 famine in Soviet Ukraine, known today as the Holodomor, in which some millions of people, mostly peasants, died of starvation and related diseases. Although drought and crop failure may have been a factor, the famine was exacerbated by government mismanagement and the aggressive collectivization and industrialization policies, instituted by Stalin, that today are widely perceived as intentionally genocidal. The causes, impact and implications of this event have become a critical aspect of Ukrainian identity, both in the Ukraine and amongst the large populations of ethnic Ukrainians living elsewhere.

Maruschak has transformed her knowledge of this period by creating an artbook. It is a metaphor for memory, a process that is increasingly seen, not as simple recall, but as an elaborate mental function by which information is continuously stored, organized, changed and retrieved. (Alison Nordström)


Shortlisted Prix du livre, Recontres d’Arles, Arles, 2019

Shortlisted Athens PhotoBook Festival, Athens

First Place Experimental Category Award, Arsenal International Book Festival, Kyiv, 2019
Grand Prix, Most Beautiful Book, Arsenal International Book Festival, Kyiv, 2019


 www.placartphoto.com  For inquiries.

Images © Lesia Maruschak. All rights reserved.

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