We are pleased to announce, Portuguese publisher Camerainfinita has just released Markus Lehr’s new photobook about Berlin. 

37 night and long exposure images, 58 pages, 29.7×21 cm, hardcover for the bargain prize of 23,- Euro.
Head over to www.camerainfinita.com/insomnia-book for information and an online preview of the book.

There is more to Markus’ images than meets the eye at the first glance. The mood, the light and the textures create a unique sense of space, making his work densely atmospheric, even dramatic at times. He captures the interaction between places, artifacts and traces of human interference, and presents them to us much like protagonists on a theatre stage. Perhaps ill-suited for the current times, when images claim our attention from every direction, his photographs gently ask us for a little time and patience. Dive in slowly and you will be rewarded by a profound experience.


136-9909   book

Insomnia – Night Takes Berlin – Images copyright Markus Lehr. All rights reserved.

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