During RPF16, we were honoured to exhibit a series of images from 
György Stalter and M Judit Horváth. We would like to thank them for allowing us showcase their work during RPF17 Reclaiming Our Cultural Landscapes.

György Stalter
György Stalter was born in Budapest. He has been a member of the Association of Hungarian Photographers and Art Fund since 1983.

Between 1990 and 1995 he published photographs at Amaro Drom (Roma magazine for Hungary) while working as a photo editor for VOLT magazine between 1992 and 1994. He founded a photo studio in 1995 to teach the “Art and Profession” of photography.

Accompanied by wife Judit M. Horváth, the couple took photos of gypsy colonies throughout Hungary and of slum city quarters of the capital. Their work was published in a photo album “Another World”. Recently, György has been taking photographs of the vanishing microcosm of the 8th district of Budapest.

György has won the Budapest Photography Grant of the Municipal Pro Urbis Foundation, for his series “Jó…Józsefváros”, at the Press Photo Competition of the Association of Hungarian Journalists in 2006. He was given the Rudolf Balogh Award. He is a member of the Presidency of Association of Hungarian Photographers. He has had several group and one man shows of his work both in and outside of Hungary. Several of his pictures are kept by the Hungarian Museum of Photography in Kecskemét.

M Judit Horváth
After falling in love with her husband, photographer, György Stalter, Judit fell in love with his work. Reluctant to accept her identity for a long time, she eventually became chief editor of Romani paper, Amaro Drom for several years. Together, they photographed most of the Gypsy settlements in Hungary, and ghetto-like districts in Budapest. After, Judit worked on long term project Csalóka látszat/Simulacrum; photographing small objects with macro lenses, culminating in an exhibition and book publication.

In 2011 Judit became ill with cancer. She began to photograph herself, documenting this difficult period in her life. In 2012, she exhibited ‘Private Pictures’ in slideshow format at Mai Manó Hungarian House of Photography, Budapest.

In 2015 Judit documented her mother’s life in a nursing home, until her death. These images were exhibited at Random Galerie, Budapest, November 2015.

Judith is a member of the National Union of Hungarian Journalists and the Alliance of Hungarian Photographers. She is also a recent recipient of the prestigious Rudolf Balogh award. She is currently working on a freelance basis.

© Horváth M. Judit Other World 1994. © Stalter György Other World 1990. © Stalter György Város A Városban (Town in the City) 2010  © Stalter György Város A Városban 2010 (Town in the City)

Stalter György
Horváth M. Judit

© Stalter György Other World 1990
© Horváth M. Judit Other World 1994
© Stalter György Város A Városban 2010 (Town in the City)
© Stalter György Város A Városban 2010 (Town in the City)

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