(Copy) 80. The Schwarze Mönch is a handmade photocopied artist book; a journey through a found set of photographic glass plates. Find out more about the book and how to purchase a copy. 

Tracing the marks left on the glass surfaces over time and delving into the images themselves, the book merges these with new marks collected in the process, the result of mechanical imperfections in the photocopier, dust, or creases and folds on the printed surfaces.

The book travels through emerging landscapes, eventually reaching a strange plateau where the artist finds herself reiterating the processes of the original photographers.

Like the glass plates originally encountered, (Copy) 80. The Schwarze Mönch is an active vessel which carries time, memory and unique projections, continuing to accumulate new traces as it is handled by the viewer.

More on the project, including a video of excerpts from the book is found here (Copy) 80. The Schwarze Mönch

(Copy) 80. The Schwarze Mönch 2021 – Excerpt from Sayako Sugawara on Vimeo.

A photocopied book in a slipcase including a card with signature and edition number

Edition of 15

Book : 34 pages, approx. 23.8 cm x 33.7 cm x 0.7 cm, perfect bound, Redeem 130gsm / 315gsm

Slipcase : 24 cm x  34 cm x 1cm,  Cairn Multiboard – Grey/White 350gsm

Printed, bound and signed by the artist.


£95 / 120euro / 135USD

The book is available on Instagram @sayako_sugawara and will be available @photobookstore over the coming weeks.

For more details visit www.sayakosugawara.com

Click here  for a review about the book published on C4 Journal earlier this year.

Images © Sayako Sugawara. All rights reserved.

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