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In 1989, when the era in Japan changed from Showa to Heisei,
I travelled to the UK and lived there for 2 years. Come to think
about it, perhaps I was feeling suffocated by the booming of the
bubble economy in Japan.
30 years later in 2019, the era in Japan changed from Heisei to
Reiwa. I decided to rent a small car and drive all the way from
Margate -the town in the south where I first lived, to the very
North of the UK. –
Atsushi Fujiwara

While photography can always reflect the photographer’s self, it can
also be used to capture the momentary reality in front of one’s eyes.
Indeed, it is the photographer’s mission and purpose to go back and
forth in between the two. These 5 publications including 2200 Miles are
not only a reflection of the roots of Fujiwara’s photography but are
also an indication to the history of photography in a whole, as well as
a clear demonstration of the potential of having different focuses and
perspectives. –
Ryuichi Kaneko (Photo Historian)

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Atsushi Fujiwara

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