© Paul Biddle Incubation RPF 2016
© Tami Bone Venus RPF 2016
© Michael Kirchoff January Rain RPF 2016
© Ksenija Spanec Calm After The Storm RPF 2016
© Phil Brooks 64 Degrees North RPF 2016
© Christophe Dillinger Red Sash RPF 2016
© Daniel Wirgård Her Studio RPF 2016
© Justyna Bansal The House#11 RPF 2016
© Fabrizio Lonis Venezia 2013 RPF 2016
© Paul Biddle Incubation RPF 2016


Reclaim Photography West Midlands and Festival was founded in the UK during 2015, following conversations with our Reclaim Photography Swedish colleagues, and subsequently led to our first international artistic project.

The concept of Reclaim Photography began in Sweden during 2011 through a group of photographers who wanted to inspire people, take art photography back to the streets and public spaces, spread photography as an art form and create a new visual language in our everyday environments. Find out more on our history page →

The aim of our first international Reclaim Photography Festival was to offer a completely democratic and inclusive project, free of cost or competition for all participants, by taking back art photography to our streets and public spaces. Individuals suffering particular hardships are often financially stretched or are unable to access photography competitions and exhibitions. This project offered the public and emerging artists the opportunity to showcase their creativity and to exhibit their work alongside our international Reclaim Photography colleagues, and established internationally exhibiting photographers. We were overwhelmed by their response, having received over 600 prints for the street events, which were displayed in collaboration with our partners, across five venues in the West Midlands region.

To accompany the street events we hosted a joint gallery exhibition, which offered the public a unique opportunity to see a selection of photographs from Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Sweden and the USA.

The exhibition showcased a selection of limited edition and signed hand prints from UK and internationally renowned and emerging art photographers, including fine art, landscape, mixed-media, photojournalism, portraiture and social documentary photography, thus making photography accessible to everyone.

It was thanks to the generosity of all of the photographers involved, who selflessly donated their work, that we were able to stage these exhibitions for the viewing public and to raise funds for regional charities. Prints from the street and gallery exhibitions were auctioned for Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer and provided photography collectors the opportunity to support our international art photographers and our emerging artists; our great photographers of the future. We also self-funded a small international group autumn exhibition at the home of the Victorian photographer, Julia Margaret Cameron.

During our second year, we were able to offer an electronic submission process, enabling photographers to save further printing costs. We offered professional awards and a travelling gallery exhibition. We also worked with regional foster children and St Basils charity on a special project, “A Day in the Life… Hear Me… See Me…” After the spring festival closed, we self-funded a print auction to raise funds and awareness for St Basils charity. We also self funded our second autumn exhibition.

Reclaim Photography Festival is a community arts project which offers an annual programme of collaborations, events and exhibitions, aimed at promoting art photography through inclusive projects free of cost. We encourage participation from young people and those most disadvantaged.

We are committed to encouraging participation and to providing professional, volunteer and work experience opportunities for young people and emerging artists, particularly those most disadvantaged. Reclaim Photography Festival continues to develop partnerships with community and student groups, show artwork from regional and international photographers and exhibit them across our public spaces and in our galleries, both here in the UK and internationally. Reclaim Photography Festival and West Midlands is not affiliated or associated with any clubs, organisations or societies.

Reclaim Photography Festival is directed by Maxine Watts, organised by Reclaim Photography West Midlands, and supported by multiple partners from the UK and international origins.